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Young Girl. Big Responsibility. Period!

My period just started. I am 12 years old. I'm scared. What does this mean?

It mostly means your period is right on time. Your period could start as early as 10 years old and as late as 15 years old. If your period starts at 12 years old, it is right at the average time girls are beginning their menstrual cycles. So, remain calm and let's settle in. Do not be afraid, you did nothing wrong. Your body is simply discarding the monthly build up of the lining in your uterus. It is a big responsibility, and it is a privilege, you are chosen.

Are you concerned about what to expect? Of course you are! And That's On Period! is here to explain and walk young girls through some of the symptoms, physical responses and hormonal changes. Your first period is almost always a surprise. It is okay, let's be ready when it happens. A first period kit is one of the most effective ways to handle an unexpected period experience. A first period kit should have a sanitary napkin, travel soap, wash cloth, panties, and a pair of pants (we recommend sturdy leggings, easier to pack and travel with). Sound good? Ok, we have a plan.

Most importantly, be period positive. Be proud to experience life changing and learn the value in being confident about something only you can take care of for yourself. You're in the big leagues, but you are still a child so that means you need help to feel postive, strong and understand there is nothing to be ashamed of. Let's explain what is happening when your body is menstruating. We already unpacked that the lining of the uterus is shedding. This means that no eggs were fertilized with sperm within your cycle. Note: the onset of your period does signify that if indeed an egg is fertlized with sperm, you will become pregnant most times. Expect for a period to last 2-7 days. Your first period may be brownish in color, that is okay. The blood may be red as well, and that is okay too. Please contact your primary physician/local free clinic, if you are concerned and want medical guidance.

Get comfortable saying "I am on my period" "My period just started" "I'm bleeding." It is okay to experience your period, it is a form of health and development as a young woman. You are in charge, and ready to get through the 2-7 days of bleeding that signifies that your body is changing and developing; you are growing. Growth is always good. Love growth. Experience growth. Embrace growth.

Emotions will run high. During this time, you should be supported and able to tell the adults in your life what you need to feel safe, to feel comfortable, and to feel better during this time. Check out the other journals on this site that describe ways to find support, be supportive, and how to handle the emotional, mental and physical changes each young girl may be experiencing.

Do you feel better after reading this? Let's chat. Talk to us below and tell us how you feel.

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This is the perfect journal for a woman with a daughter that will soon be entering this phase of life. Help with what to say, and how to explain is much needed and appreciated.

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