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Change the Way
We Think of Our Period 

And That's On Period! is dedicated to the highest quality of menstruation products delivered with empathy, care and thoughtfulness. We bring trust and care to women and girls by providing safe products to embrace their periods and information on how to be soothed during this changing time.


And That's On Period! offers a unique wellness experience for women and girls by providing safe products and a safe place to express our feelings during hormonal shifts.   



Remove the Taboo.

Celebrate Your Period.

Don’t Be Ashamed. 

Did you know that approximately 26% of the global population are of reproductive age? Menstruation is normal, but it continues to be stigmatized around the world and even in our own homes. This is mostly due to imposed shame and a lack of information. We are going to remove stigmas, taboos and myths about experiencing our periods. Educating our girls is key, and even  more importantly to introduce the conversation to boys as well; this will help build confidence and often times creates solidarity.


Hygiene, those with disabilities, and the lack of access to materials to manage our period leads to shame and allows others to make us believe we have done something wrong; we have not. Globally 2.3 billion people lack basic sanitation services. Managing periods at home is a major challenge for women and adolescent girls who lack their basic facilities at home. This Site will offer information and affordable materials to better help the experience of our bodies changes and recognize its glory and privilege. 



Somewhere in the World, a Girl

Can Benefit from Your Monthly Period.

And That's On Period! will partner with other organizations to donate a portion of the proceeds to sponsor mentorship and gift products to young girls. Your contribution and purchases will be used to help girls embrace their periods, and be comforted during  the days of menstruation. Please be sure to purchase goods so that other young girls can experience relaxation, comfort and support as well. And That's On Period! will support the communities around the world that are suffering from the lack of resources and education on how to embrace, embody and encompass the values we have adopted; your period is here and so are we.  



Your Cycle Can Help Recycling

We produce reusable and organic menstrual products. While we also promote disposable products, we strive for all of our products to contribute to safety, consciousness, awareness and positive environmental changes.  

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