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We Care About Our
Bodies and Our Future. 
And That's On Period! is here to better serve women. We aim to help women and girls of all ages find their voice and embrace experiencing their period. This website is multi-faceted and prepared to explain and detail various outlets that will help inform, prepare and survive your PERIOD! We will make having this conversation easier and include the men/boys as well. So often the discussions and presentation about period items, symptoms and soothing techniques have been shyly discussed, or even times shameful; and this has to change. And That's On Period! will help provide the necessary products, supplies and space to express the changes that happen during your period and over time. 
One of the main goals of this website will be to open the conversation to the many women who experience their period, irregularities, concerns, and women will be allowed to speak freely about their emotions and purchase product that will help during this changing time that is often overlooked. We will learn to be proactive and pinpoint when the body is changing, hormonal imbalances and what to do to supplement any deficiencies. Open conversations about our feelings during this time will help, comfort supplies and necessary items will help us survive this time. Get ready, we will turn this into a time of settle and rest instead of everything it has been in the past. Please look through all of the sections of this website and find your needs. 


Kourtney M. McCrary

Kourtney, the founder, grew up in the Midwest. Most recently she began to think about some of the important ways to help women. The first thing she thought about was a woman's mental health and stability. During your period, ovulation, and enduring hormonal changes, it is a very fragile time and this is where she decided she wanted to help the most. Her passion is demonstrated throughout the website, so please be sure to share your stories with her.

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