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Men Raising Daughters. Alone.

Discussing periods cannot be left up to women alone. Men have to be ready, willing and comfortable talking to young girls about their periods. This involves men/boys more than we acknowledge.

Let's shake off all nervousness about the conversation that will take place between a daughter and her father, right now, as you are reading this, take a deep breath and blow it out.

As a dad/man raising a daughter alone, you may feel a bit anxious as she nears puberty. But, YOU CAN DO THIS. This is a sensitive time in a girl's life, and this conversation, the support and attitude around her period could shape her outlook and confidence about herself and her period for the rest of her life. Instill confidence. As a man your conversation about your daughter's period is probably more valuable than we even realize. This is your chance to be the biggest hero, this is better than anything you could ever save her from.

So, let's dig in and get to how to put yourself aside and do this for your daughter: -Plan Ahead -Do not panic when her period arrives -Schedule an appointment with a gynecologist

This is an enormous milestone in a girl's life. Be happy for her. Help her survive the changes she will experience. No reason to fear, you and her can do this. Be ready to answer any questions, plan things to do during this time with just you and her that she can manage so she thinks of this time positively.

Dad's, you know this time is coming. Get comfortable with the language and terms and speak with confidence. Read literature, provide her with information and look her in her eyes when you discuss her period with her. Do not give this opportunity to anyone else. If you are raising daughters alone, you do not need a woman to step in and have this discussion. Take the lead, you are your daughter's parent, protector and provider. And That's On Period! (Refer to other blogs on this site that detail and explain periods in-depth. Shop the products that will help her during this time).

Down below, discuss any apprehensions or thoughts of uncomfortableness surrounding periods.


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