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Change the Stigma

First of all: PERIOD POWER! And you do not have to experience a period to help change the stigma and become a strong advocate for those who do.

The easiest way to help change the stigma around periods is to have conversations. Periods are natural. Human life is made possible by menstruation; no shame.

Another way to change the stigma is to donate period products to those who cannot readily afford the materials they need to care for themselves during this sensitive time. It promotes safety to have the proper products, and provides confidence to women while experiencing their periods.

Be sure to support state legislation that ends the tampon tax. 36 states in the United States tax menstrual products as a luxury item. That is wild. And get this: Viagra is categorized as medication and since it is prescribed it is not taxed. Excuse me? Insane right?

Note: And That's On Period! is committed to helping this fight move forward. Sign petitions, call legislators, arrange peaceful protests, and always remain period positive.

The fact that we use period nicknames prove how we really do not like discussing our periods. Menstruation is mostly viewed as gross despite it being natural. Period stigma is harmful and potentially dangerous to women and girls of all ages. Let's say goodbye to period stigma, for good.

Changing the stigma that surrounds periods has to include men and boys. Most girls first learn to hide that they are on their periods so that they are not treated differently. Now, let's think...would another woman treat another woman differently because of her period or are girls trying to avoid ostracizing from boys? Exactly! If the boys join the positive period conversations and movements the stigma reduces significantly.

Change the stigma now. We are worthy of being safe no matter what and our periods are natural and designed to bring life in this world; NO SHAME SHOULD BE PRESENT. And That's On Period!

Down below, please discuss your experiences that may have caused shame related to your period.


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