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Period Days Do’s and Don'ts

Our periods are unique. Our periods are our own. How ever long you have had your period, if you are being honest, it keeps changing. Just when you thing you have it figured out, an extra day is added because the moon is phasing. WHAT?!?! EXACTLY. So at least we can try to figure out some universal do's and don't's. These do's and don't's should apply no matter how unique each woman's/girl's period is, so let's discuss them together.

One of the areas we can all address together concerning our periods is food; our diets. We can all agree that food serves as a comfort right? Overwhelming cravings and indulgent behaviors take over and we immediately seek satisfaction. Certain foods drain us and cause us to use more energy to digest our food. Our favorite foods could be contributing to our already induced fatigued and tiredness.

Let's get a few of the don't's out of the way: Cold foods add to restricting blood flow through out your body no matter what time of the month, so imagine what happens as you are trying to shed blood; cold foods on your period are a big DON'T. Here's a quick list of foods to stay away from: dairy, high sugar foods, refined foods, fried foods, saturated fats, soda pop, processed foods, beans, caffeine, red meat, salt, and alcohol. Can you believe that list? Are you kidding me? Discovering how much food affects the way we feel was extremely interesting and frustrating, but before we lose it let's name a few more DON'T'S. Don't: -landscaping/wax/shaving: your vagina is very tender during this time and landscaping your vagina could cause pain and irritation; just wait -douching: period or not, douching can be problematic

Do: -change your pads/tampons and cups as often as you can; reducing infection -wash your hair -take baths -swim

What did we learn? Diet is one of the largest contributing factors to our body's response to experiencing our period. So let's eat dark chocolate, eat plenty of fruits, have baked chicken and fish and drink plenty of water. While on your period this is a time to take care of yourself as much as possible; SELF CARE! Make it easier while your body may feel like it is falling apart.


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